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Seaming high-end tailoring with a culture of care.

The Seam see a conscious and connected world where people care for their garments, rather than consume them — a world where our belongings are threaded with meaning, stories, and intentions.

We need to create an identity that genuinely empowers the tailors and connects them to wearers. A huge contribution to the circular economy and a loud statement against the fast-fashion industry.

We work with Shaunie Brett from Sussed Consulting, who came up with the big idea of Clothes that fit. Our challenge was to create a visual world enabler of that connection, longevity, and belonging. A flexible brand able to seam two realities so isolated from each other. High-end tailoring/fashion with sustainability/social connection.

Client: The Seam
Year: 2021

Brand alterations

The whole identity is indeed inspired by the tailoring culture. Starting from precious hand-crafted silk (Eiko) we created a bespoke garment for The Seam. The sharp and pointy shapes in contrast with some slightly rounded modifications were the perfect match. A sophisticated, bespoke, and connected brand.

The S

Inspired in the modification the tailor did once to your garment and made it special, the bespoke S becomes a recognizable thread gathering all the essence of the brand.  It is the union between tailors and wearers, and it is used to empower the heart of the brand: their community.

A brand that cares

During the creative process, we explored a huge range of personalities for the brand. We aimed to mimic the sharpness of sewing without losing that touch of care and love. Inspired by an iconic scene from Cinderella, we started to see how the elements of the brand should move and react.


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